Programme Structure (for 2015 intake)


The programme consists of four required courses and a set of elective courses. The required courses will enable students to acquire a solid foundation in computer networks, data engineering, software engineering and information security. The elective courses cover a broad range of areas in the field, including data science, information security, and multimedia, mobile, e-commerce and web technologies, etc. Students may choose elective courses based on their interests and advice from academic staff.

To be awarded the MSc in Computer Science degree, a student must acquire a minimum of 30 credits, in which 12 credits come from the required courses and 18 credits from the elective courses. Up to 9 credits can be transferred based on the student's previous study.

Please refer to Taught Postgraduate Catalogue for more information of individual courses.

Required Courses - 12 credit units

CS5222 Computer Networks and Internets P5 3
CS5285 Information Security for eCommerce P5 3
CS5351 Software Engineering P5 3
CS5481 Data Engineering P5 3

Programme Electives - minimum 18 credit units from the electives

CS5182 Computer Graphics P5 3
CS5185 Multimedia Technologies and Applications P5 3
CS5187 Vision and Image P5 3
CS5188 Virtual Reality Technologies and Applications P5 3
CS5275 High Speed Multimedia Networks P5 3
CS5282 Practical Optimization Algorithms and Techniques P5 3
CS5284 Mobile Computing P5 3
CS5286 Algorithms & Techniques for Web Searching P5 3
CS5288 Cryptography: Theory and Practice P5 3
CS5289 Pervasive Computing System P5 3
CS5293 Topics on Information Security P5 3
CS5294 Information Security Technology Management P5 3
CS5296 Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice P5 3
CS5348 Software Quality Engineering P5 3
CS5367 Computer Games Design P5 3
CS5483 Data Warehousing and Data Mining P5 3
CS5486 Intelligent Systems P5 3
CS5487 Machine Learning P5 3
CS5488 Big Data Algorithms and Techniques P5 3
CS6175 Virtual Reality and Game-Engine Technologies P6 3
CS6183 Image Computing P6 3
CS6187 Vision and Language P6 3
CS6223 Distributed Systems P6 3
CS6280 Algorithms and Protocols for Internet Market P6 3
CS6282 Internet and Distributed Systems Programming P6 3
CS6288 Topics on eCommerce Technologies P6 3
CS6290 Privacy-enhancing Technologies P6 3
CS6482 Topics on Data Engineering P6 3
CS6520 Project P6 6
CS6534 Guided Study P6 3
EC5001 Introduction to eCommerce P5 3

CS6520: Partial credit units for year-long courses, granted only if completing the whole course
CS5367, CS6175, EC5001: CEF approved courses