Teaching Facilities

Computer Science Laboratory


The Computer Science Laboratory (CSLab) provides general computing facilities for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It has 270 PCs in eight terminal rooms for teaching and general usage and 120 PCs for project development by final-year students. The CSLab has three IBM BladeCenters equipped with 30 HS22 blade servers which form a server cloud of 300 virtual Windows/Linux servers for teaching and research support.

The CSLab also has a HTCondor high-throughput computing cluster consisting of 144 Intel computing core and seven K20 GPU nodes for computationally intensive research activities.

A wide variety of software tools including Matlab, CSIM, Rational Rose, Sybase, Oracle, and Adobe Creative Suite are available for general use in teaching and development. The CS Department is also a member of the Microsoft MSDNAA programme; CS students and staff are licensed to use most of the Microsoft OS and development tools without additional cost.

For more details, please visit http://cslab.cs.cityu.edu.hk.