City University of Hong Kong

Teaching Facilities

Computer Science Laboratory


The Computer Science Laboratory (CSLab) provides general computing facilities for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We have 180 PCs in 5 classrooms for teaching and general usage and 50 PCs for project development by final-year students. 40 PCs are equipped with GPU for AI and VR courses. Two classrooms are equipped with 70 iMac for mobile application teaching and development. The CSLab has 3 Huawei E9000 chassis equipped with 12 CH225 blade servers which form a vSAN cloud of 400 virtual Windows/Linux servers for teaching and research support.

The CSLab also has a HTCondor high-throughput GPU cluster consisting of 144 Intel computing core and 16 V100 GPU nodes for computationally intensive teaching and research activities.

A wide variety of software tools including Matlab, Tensorflow, Caffe, Torch, and Oracle are available for general use in teaching and research. The CS Department is also a subscriber of the Microsoft Imagine programme; CS students and staff are licensed to use most of the Microsoft OS and development tools.

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