City University of Hong Kong

Student Background

  • All candidates are Year 3 students of our Department
  • Completed all fundamental courses:
    • Database;
    • Operating Systems;
    • Computer Network;
    • Software Design & Development;
    • Internet Application Development, etc.
  • Computer Languages
    • C++, C, Java/JSP, JavaScript
  • Our experience showed students could work better if more duties are given

Employers' Comments

We value the feedback from participating companies. Here are what some of those participating companies are saying about the skills and competencies of our placement students.

Hong Kong College of Technology She is good at self learning and researching information through the internet .She can complete the assigned task independently during home office period and deliver output on schedule.
The Education University of Hong Kong As indicated in the interim report, she works diligently and her work has been good and with quality. She continues to demonstrate her eagerness to learn by initiating more work requests. Her working attitude is excellent; never say no to job assigned which is considered at appropriate to her level.
She performs well in all aspects at work. I am pleased with her outputs and happy to have her on board.
She surely contributes to the credit of the Placement scheme. I wish her best of all in her last year of the program!
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer A great improvement on technical aspect and huge contribution from the student can be observed. We appreciate her job done during the period of time.
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited He is hardworking, he worked actively and independently for the tasks given. He is a problem solver and can work out solution for the problem encountered. Overall, he provides a great help through his work.
The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd He shows his initiative and enthusiasm during work. He always takes the challenge part in the team and wills to learn new things. He can work effectively and independently with his proposed solution to the problems. In general, his performance is quite outstanding in this year.
Siemens Mobility Limited He showed an excellent work attitude and was a strong contributor to the team during his internship.