City University of Hong Kong

FAQ for Non-local Students


Can I study part-time?
The study mode of non-local students is subject to the conditions and requirements set by the Hong Kong Immigration Department when their study visa/entry permit is granted. Please refer to the official website of Immigration Department for details of the relevant eligibility criteria and policy. Currently, the vast majority of study visas/entry permits granted are based on the condition of full-time study, which requires the student to take 12-18 credit units per semester. They must maintain the required credit load for their approved study mode throughout the programme unless or until they obtain prior approval from the University for otherwise. Many students take 15 credit units in each semester so that they can graduate within one year. Some students take the course CS6520 Project (6 credit units) which spans through Semester B to the Summer Term.

Will the University provide housing?
Students enrolled in a self-financed programme, including MSCS, are not eligible for University hostels that are subsidized by the Hong Kong Government. Off-campus affordable housing can be found in various residential neighborhoods close to the University, which is conveniently located right next to a major transportation hub. Visit the Student Residence Office's website for assistance and more information on searching for off-campus accommodation.

What are my prospects of getting a job in Hong Kong after graduation?
The MSCS programme strikes a careful balance between theory and practice. It significantly enhances the skills of its graduates. In fact, almost all past MSCS students who chose to stay in Hong Kong after graduation either found local employment opportunities or progressed for further research studies.

May I apply credit transfer for courses previously taken outside Hong Kong?
Credit transfer of up to 9 credit units may be applied, normally restricted to core courses only. Every application is considered on an individual case basis by the relevant experts in the department. The determining factors include the teaching and assessment mode, pattern, duration and subject content of the course as well as the grade or level achieved by the student. Applications for credit transfer for work completed prior to entry to the University must be made before the start of the First Semester according to the deadline set by the University. The application period normally begins from mid-July and ends in August (the exact dates will be announced in the credit transfer website in due course). Late applications are normally NOT considered. Students are advised to apply for credit transfer as early as possible so that they can plan their study schedules taking into consideration whether credit transfer approvals are obtained or not. To expedite the application process, you are strongly advised to plan well ahead for the time needed to obtain the required documentary evidence from your institution of previous study and bring/post it to CityU for submission. For details regarding the regulations and application procedures, please visit the credit transfer website.