City University of Hong Kong



The Postgraduate Certificate (PGC) in Information Security programme has a flexible structure, with courses covering both the technical and management aspects of information security.

To be awarded the PGC in Information Security, a student must acquire a minimum of 12 credit units, in which 3 credit units come from the required course and 9 credit units from the elective courses, including at least 3 credit units of courses in Group I. Each course is worth 3 credit units.

This part-time programme can be completed within one year (two courses per semester). The maximum period of study in the programme is 2.5 years.

A typical schedule of study is as follows:

Part-time Study
Year 1  
Semester A 1 required course
1 elective course
Semester B 2 elective courses
  1. Upon graduation from the Postgraduate Certificate in Information Security programme, students may further their studies by applying for the Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) or Master of Science in Electronic Commerce (MSEC) programme, with credit transfer of a maximum of 9 credit units for MSCS and a maximum of 6 credit units of the core courses for MSEC.
  2. Alternatively, during their study of the PGC programme, students may opt to further their studies by applying for programme transfer to the MSCS or MSEC programme. If programme transfer is approved, up to a maximum of 4 completed courses would be recognized as fulfilling the requirements of the MSCS programme or a maximum of 2 completed core courses for MSEC.