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In addition to the traditional areas of research in computer science, students are encouraged to choose applications from other research areas in science, engineering, and business. Students may also look at the specialised areas of staff members to identify a research area.

Selected Areas for Research Degrees

Multimedia Computing

Computer Vision; Computer Graphics; Music, Speech and Language Processing; Games and Virtual Environments; Augmented Reality; Medical Imaging; Image Processing; Image and Video Coding; 3D Human Motion Capture, Analysis and Animation; Perception, Neuroscience, Brain Informatics; Multimedia Analytics; Multimedia Information Retrieval; Multimedia Sensing and Wearable Computing; Social Media and Mobile Media.

Distributed Mobile Computing and Wireless Networking

Distributed Algorithms and Systems; Cloud Computing; Mobile Computing; Information Security; Internetworking; Internet of Things (IoT); Wireless Networks; WDM Optical Networks.

Applied Algorithms

Bioinformatics; Data and Internet Security; Equilibrium Algorithms; Scheduling; Applied Cryptography.

Data Science and Knowledge Management

Data Science Techniques; Big Data Analytics; Database; AI Search; Optimization; Machine Learning; Text Mining; Information Retrieval; Semantic Object Modeling; (Web) Data Mining and Warehousing; Mobile/Multimedia Data Indexing and Caching; XML and Interoperability; Workflow and Web Services.

Systems, Software Engineering and Internet Applications

Embedded System; Parallel Architecture; Real-time Systems; Software Engineering; E-commerce; E-learning; Innovative Technology for Education.

Evolutionary Computation

Multiobjective Evolutionary Computation; Swarm Intelligence; Synergy between Machine Learning, Traditional Optimization and Evolutionary Computation; Multi-agent Evolutionary Optimization.

Last Updated : 07 APR 2016