City University of Hong Kong


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Course CodeCourse Title
CS1101 Introduction to Computer Studies
CS1202 Using the Web as a Learning Resource
CS1301 Introduction to Computer Programming
CS2114 Computer Organization for Media
CS2161 Fundamentals of Web Technologies
CS2172 Fundamentals of Computing
CS2303 Data Structures for Media
CS2333 Object-Oriented Programming for Media
CS2360 Java Programming
CS2362 Computer Programming for Engineers & Scientists
CS2363 Computer Programming
CS2372 Fundamentals of Programming
CS2373 Introduction to Web Technologies for Digital Media
CS2468 Data Structures and Data Management
CS3161 Operating System Principles
CS3171 System Software
CS3262 Systems Software and Networks
CS3269 Integrated Design Project: Databases Over the Internet
CS3270 Fundamentals of Computer Networks and the Internet
CS3276 Application Development on the Internet
CS3278 Fundamentals of Internet Programming
CS3354 Software Engineering
CS3361 Object-Oriented Programming Methodology
CS3367 Essentials of Software Engineering
CS3369 Realtime Computer Control Software
CS3371 E-Logistics Application System
CS3373 Advanced Web Technologies for Digital Media
CS3462 Introduction to Database Systems
CS3463 Multimedia Database
CS4268 Project
CS4269 Project
CS4273 Distributed System Technologies and Programming
CS4274 Distributed Computing Technologies
CS4294 Sensor Networks
CS4367 Computer Games Design
CS4384 Data Analysis and Modelling Application Development
CS4387 AI Scheduling
CS4463 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS4464 Expert Systems
CS4516 Project (E-logistics Systems)
CS5161 Computer Technology for Artists
CS5186 Computer Vision & Image Processing
CS5270 Internet Application Development and Computer Networks
CS5275 High Speed Multimedia Networks
CS5276 Computing and Communications Technology
CS5284 Mobile Computing
CS5469 Information Technology for Engineering Management
CS5470 Human-Computer Interface