City University of Hong Kong

Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme


To broaden students' global perspectives and enhance their English proficiency, the Department has been organizing an overseas learning programme under the Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme (CALIS), in collaboration with the Middlesex University, London. Through immersion in an English environment and participation in an array of social and cultural activities, students are expected to communicate in English with increased confidence and cultivate a greater cross-cultural awareness.

The programme consists of 15-hour intensive English classes per week, as well as cultural and social activities and community projects. Each student is arranged to live with a local family as home stay to improve their English language ability and to gain a better understanding of the lives of the English people. In addition, visits to some renowned landmark buildings and excursions are also included.

The programme has been well-received by participants. Through the summer programme and preparatory work, students learned to see their own strengths and to develop the independence and skills needed to participate and contribute to our society in the new millennium.