City University of Hong Kong

Overseas Research Internship

Feedback from participants

Overall, my work experience at IIT Ropar was a pleasant one. I was thrilled and enthralled by the sheer amount of techniques and languages I learned over a span of 8 weeks of being an intern. Not only did this internship make me a web stack zealot but also advanced my personal growth. I was exposed to many aspects of application development, which cannot be taught in a classroom; they can only be experienced by working under supervision and for me, this remains the most enduring benefit of this internship.

SANGWAN Ambikeya Singh, BScCS, Year 1
Research Internship at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India in the summer of 2016

The environment in Kyushu University is very tranquil and peaceful, which I reckon is a great place for doing research because there are not many distractions. After settling down and getting familiar with the neighborhood, I started my research right away under the supervision of Taiki. Given the duration of stay is only one month, I therefore continued the research on the same topic as my final year project research topic, the facility location problem with optional preference. I tried to reinforce the model so that it could be more complete and fit into more real life scenarios. Taiki advised me to include false-name-proofness into the research and see if I could find any interesting results.

Time flew and my one-month internship in Kyushu University felt shorter than I had thought. It's a fruitful and memorable experience. I wish to thank Dr.Li, Taiki and all the people who helped me and provided me with guidance and care. I will continue my study to explore more in-depth in future.

YUAN Honming, BScCS, Year 4
Research internship at Kyushu University, Japan in the winter of 2015